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Kinsey Shelf

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Wondering how best to organize your things? here you will find the best option for that. A single shelf or several that fit into your room can open up a world of possibilities. You might show off a collection in an unexpected way and create an office, library, bookshelf, or kitchen space out of a cranny. Or install compact furnishings in a cramped room. 
Constitute a very goodfurnitureoption for you in decorating your home. Have some fun with your walls and solve the storage or display issues at the same time. These stylish iron metal grid wall hanging Kinsey Shelf are perfect for gaining extra storage space for a multitude of things from books to bathroom sundries. A lovely wooden shelf graces the ironwork giving a modern industrial feel to your walls and surfaces.



High Quality Material

Handcrafted by Talented Artisans

Indoor Use Only

Suitable for : Residential Use Only

Made In India

Finish: Natural

Material: Iron + Teak Wood


Care & Instructions 

Wipe off the dirt from the furniture with a soft dry cotton cloth.

Avoid using water for cleaning.

Do not use abrasive cleaner.

Avoid chemical contact with the furniture as it harm the natural finish & further durability.

Avoid direct sunlight.