Brass Mirrors - Set of 6


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The Brass Mirror Set features 6 different shapes. A unique accent piece for the living room, dining room, or bedroom. An antique-vintage wall mirror is super versatile and goes with any décor scheme especially if you want to add an eclectic touch to your space. The color of this designer & stylish brass mirror is natural. This statement brass mirror is designed to accentuate the ambiance of any bedroom or living room wall, toting a modish and sophisticated look to your home, while enhancing the effects of natural light and conveying a sense of wider spaces. Use it individually or as a cluster to outstand any wall from living to dining or bedroom to lounge. It is lightweight and has a single hook to hang on the wall

Brass Mirror Size Dimensions: (W X D X H), (Chain Height)
Square = (8.6 X 0.1 X 10.5) in, (8) in
Shield = (10.2 X 0.1 X 11.5)in, (7.5) in
Oval = (11 X 0.1 X 13)in, (7.5) in
Rectangle = (11 X 0.1 X 10.2)in, (8.5) in
Crest = (12 X 0.1 X 14.5)in, (6) in
Round = (8 X 0.1 X 8)in, (7) in


* High-Quality Material
* Handcrafted by Talented Artisans
* Indoor Use Only
* Suitable for: Residential Use Only
* Made In India
* Finish: Brass
* Material: Mirror Glass + Iron

Care Instructions:
* Wipe off the dirt with a soft dry cotton cloth.
* Do not use an abrasive cleaner.