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Branson Bar Stool - White

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Practical and stylish. The mixed material Branson Bar stool combines a sturdy steel powder coated base with sandblasted silver stained mango wood in a functional combination of organic modern and industrial design. The base-hand ground steel , and hand formed iron rod, provides a footrest, making the bar stool a comfortable and sturdy addition to your kitchen island or table. The Branson Bar stool is not adjustable. It measures 30 inches in height. The mango wood used to build our furniture is the byproduct of commercial mango plantations. The most commercially sought-after mangoes grow in the early years of a mango tree's life, meaning trees are harvested and replanted shortly after peak fruit production while the wood is still young and strong. On the soft end of the scale for hardwoods, mango trees are susceptible to fungi in the sapwood, which yields a unique black color in the wood's naturally swirled grain pattern, lending itself perfectly to creating unique, hand-crafted furniture.



High Quality Material

Handcrafted by Talented Artisans

Indoor Use Only

Suitable for : Residential Use Only

Made In India

Finish: Iron Powder Coat + Wooden White Wash

Material: Iron + Mango Wood


Care & Instructions 

Wipe off the dirt from the furniture with a soft dry cotton cloth.

Avoid using water for cleaning.

Do not use abrasive cleaner.

Avoid chemical contact with the furniture as it harm the natural finish & further durability.

Avoid direct sunlight.