Brandauer Sofa

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Brandauer Sofa
Masculine, stylish and bold. The Brandauer sofa is a reinterpretation of the classic campaign sofa with a modern feel. The distressed water buffalo cushions and side pillows attach to the plantation-cut mango frame with stainless steel fasteners from behind on this three-seater sofa. Leather side panels finish the sofa's bold statement. The mango wood used to build our furniture is the byproduct of commercial mango plantations. The most commercially sought-after mangoes grow in the early years of a mango treeÕs life, meaning trees are harvested and replanted shortly after peak fruit production while the wood is still young and strong. On the soft end of the scale for hardwoods, mango trees are susceptible to fungi in the sapwood, which yields a unique black color in the woodÕs naturally swirled grain pattern, lending itself perfectly to creating unique, hand-crafted furniture.